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  • How long does it last?
    A little goes a long way! Colors last between 2-12 months depending on use. The best part is you replace only what you need rather than a whole compact
  • What help do you offer?
    I have been an artist for over 6 years! I will be there to help you find your colors, learn to use it, and give you continual support and resources!
  • Do creams work with all skin types/ages?
    Yes, they do! Keep in mind, there may be a short adjustment at the beginning. Creams are flattering for every age, especially for maturing skin.
  • Is there a return/exchange policy?
    Yes, you have 30 days from receiving your order to return or exchange. Reach out to me for help or troubleshooting!
  • How much does it cost?
    Individual tins range between $14- $18 USD/ $20-25 CAN. We build according to what you are wanting in a routine. Most women start with a kit that is between $150-$250.
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